Business Automation


Employees are an essential part of your business. Even a single task can interfere with their performance. Giving them a confortable working environment is key for your business success.
Automation is a way to keep facilities operational without human interaction.


Access Control

Optimize your business physical security with an integrated solution of access control and alarm system

  • Customized access
  • Check Visitors
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Cloud based Access on the go


Through the press of a button, motion detection, and even a timer to include the last known activity customized adaptive lighting enables you to set the tone for your business. Lighting can adapt throughout the day based on natural light and the presence of occupants.

  • Saves energy
  • Changes Dynamically
  • Flexible Controls
  • Programmable & Customizable

HVAC Controls

Getting the temperature right accross multiple rooms is a challenge. Automating Heating and Cooling can help maintain a consistent climate environment as it adjust itself

  • Saves energy by keeping unused rooms idle
  • Adjust temperatures according based on schedule and weather outside
  • Fully Control by the app
  • Integrates with Shading to save more energy

Shading & Blinds

Window coverings to help bring your building aesthetics up. Fully automated and integrated with HVAC to help you save energy.

  • Different lighting options
  • Blackouts
  • Roller Shades or motorized
  • Fully automated

Integrated Audio & Video

Music has become part of our daily lives, why not bring it to the workplace. Integrated audio has built-in smart features that help enhance security by alerting you of potential dangers: Water Leaks, Triggered alarms

  • Scalable for any business size
  • Zone Controls
  • Set Reminders and alarms
  • Schedule Based